How do I maintain my charcuterie or cutting board?

Clean with damp cloth and use mild detergent if necessary. DO NOT submerge in water as wood will expand and crack.  Every 3 months use a food safe cutting board oil or wax to entire board as directed.


Can I cut on epoxy/resin?

Do not use epoxy as a cutting board in case small bits of plastic gets in food and is ingested.


Is epoxy/resin food safe?

Not all epoxy/resin is food safe but at Just Imagine Woodworking I use only food safe products.


Do you do custom table orders?

Yes!  Please email justimagineww@gmail.com and give size of table, type of wood (walnut, maple etc.), epoxy river width (if desired).


Is the product for sale  the exact product I will receive?

Yes, the photo you see is the product you are getting and once that one-of-a-kind piece is gone there will never be another exactly like it.


How do you make the boards?

I am a one woman show. I plane the boards, make the mold for custom sizes or use ready made mold for common sizes, mix, colour and pour the resin, draw the design on the board depending on my creative desires for the day, and finally use a jig saw and orbital sander to finish.  No CNC machines are used so all pieces are unique and finished by hand with pride.


Where do you get your wood?

All the wood for tables and furniture is locally recycled and repurposed wood from saw mills.