My Passion

Welcome to my workshop!

My passion for woodworking started to emerge around 2014, when I was trying to think of a Christmas gift for my dad, but its roots go back to when I was just growing up. From shop class in school and helping my Dad with small projects around the house, I've always enjoyed working with my hands.  I have received many handmade gifts from my Dad and each one holds a special place in my heart and I want my customers to feel the same way.  The smooth sleek feel of wood, the process from the idea and design to the final finishing touches, and the pleasure I get making the wood come together make each piece a one of kind work of art that I am proud to share. 

In a way, it's rather fitting that I decided on making a memory box that Christmas. I bought used tools at first: was this a passing phase or something more? I made the box with a hidden locking mechanism, and inside included a picture of my dad and I from when I was young.

And then I was hooked. I hunted everywhere for more projects, and in what spare time I could find, took classes to hone my skills. Years later and the urge to create is as strong as ever. From jewellery and keepsakes to furniture and other household accessories, precision woodworking has been my creative journey a lifetime in the making.